Human resources strategy

Betrimex workers

Why Betrimex?

Throughout the establishment and development process, the viewpoint of “Employee is the invaluable asset” has been always the foundation for Betrimex to set its strategic guidelines, to make the right solutions and to take breakthrough steps to develop high-quality human resource for each stage of business, each business field as well as to meet current and long-lasting requirements.

Accordingly, thanks to the strict leadership and correct direction from the Management Board, the development of human resources has always been an important goal of Betrimex. The Company has developed and applied unique and advanced procedures and rules for recruitment and labor quality assessment - which thoroughly describe the functions and tasks for each position - as well as proactively coordinated with reputable centers for human resource training. The Management Board also pays special attention to issues of appropriate remuneration policies to attract high-quality workforce and the leading experts to the Company based on our core values of "Heart - Competence – Talent.”


Training policy

With the guideline of going along with the career of its employees, the Company has always paid special attention to employee training in order to improve the quality of workforce – providing compensation for employees, motivating them to increase their belief in themselves as well as in the Company. Following the search and identification of potential human resource, the Company has implemented many training programs to improve necessary and sufficient knowledge & skills so that such potential human resource can hold management position in the future. This activity helps the Company to manage its human resources effectively and create promotion opportunities for its employees.

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