Coconut shell coal is made from coconut shell under the technique of vertical furnace, which is popular in Vietnam.

Coconut shell charcoal is naturally manufactured without chemicals and environmentally friendly. It is the material for use in producing high-quality activated carbon charcoal and other domestic coal products such as cooking coal, Shisha coal, etc.


Coconut shell charcoal can be packed in small pieces for convenience of use or manufactured in full set for picnics and outdoor family activities. Our charcoal is manufactured in various shapes and sizes, suitable for various purposes of users.

  • In healthcare: removing odor and toxic substances in foods, removing impurities in water.
  • In chemical industry: Act as a catalyst and loader of other catalysts.
  • In technical field:
    • Activated charcoal is an air filtration component: cigarette filter, filtering layer in gauze mask, odor remover in refrigerator and air conditioner, etc.
    • Activated charcoal is also used as a component in water purification.
  • Other usages: household cleansing & sanitizing agent, odor filter used for household appliance, etc
  • High mechanical strength due to hardness inside natural granules.
  • Product quality is strictly controlled.
  • Low ash content, small loss in re-production cycle
  • Cost-efficient
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