The land of
premium quality coconuts
Ben Tre – The “Coconut Capital” of Vietnam

Accounting for 40% of nationwide coconut area with the annual yield of 410 million coconuts. Average yield of selective indigenous coconut varieties reaches over 60 coconuts/coconut tree/year, oil concentration reaches over 65%.

Being the final cluster of islands, which receive lots of alluvium of Mekong River, the brackish water area with muddy clay (fertile, humus-rich, and lots of good antibacterial) creates favorable conditions for fresh and green Ben Tre coconut farms and higher yield than that of other areas. Furthermore, Ben Tre coconuts’ quality is highly appreciated by both local and international experts. For instance, thick coconut shell – which shall be utilized to produce the best quality activated charcoal, high organic matters, more durable coconut coir, coconut meat with higher fat content and sweeter coconut water.


Source: Nguồn: Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC)

"Betrimex's hopes and dreams are to bring Vietnamese coconut to the world"


Production Capacity


With these advantages from nature favor and the organic standards application, our material zone provides a high production at average 9,600 / ha / year. With over 980ha of coconut cultivating area, the annual total output is approximately 8,640,000 coconuts.



Future orientation
Developing & expanding the organic material supply

At Betrimex, we are committed to produce the highest-quality products for consumer health.

In addition to the development and enlargement of coconut cultivating area in Ben Tre, Betrimex also shows our clear directions in building up Organic coconut farms so as to produce “clean”, best quality and safe coconuts and ensure the plant ecosystem.

Organic cultivation involves the farming without fertilizers, chemical pesticides, no cattle and poultry breeding and no fish-pond toilet in the coconut farm. Instead, nutrition supplied to the coconut farm is made of organic/organic microorganism fertilizers.

Betrimex’s area of raw material supply is certified by Control Union – the global network of consultancy and quality verification - for our compliance with strict international regulations of the organic cultivation.


I. Implementation process
Early 2012
Guidance of organic cultivation for farmers
December 2014 – March 2015
Training for farmers to prepare for the assessment on the area of 121 ha of raw material supply
July 2015
Granting Organic Certificate (EU and USDA-NOP) to the area of 101.82 ha of raw material supply
April 2016
Re-assessing to grant Organic Certificate, carrying out the first assessment for JAS Certification (Japan) for the area of 110.4ha of raw material supply

II. Supportive Policies

Providing farmers with agricultural materials (periodically 4 times/year), including fertilizers, bio-pesticides (Radiant) in compliance with standards of organic cultivation. Additionally, Betrimex also organizes the pesticide application program so that many families may participate in (4 times/year).

Support in price for products of families cultivating in compliance with Organic standards.

III. Inspection

Farm households are provided with Farming Manual, Farming Log, and record of farming activities in their coconut farm.

ICS Department – Internal Control System (trained and certified by Control Union) shall inspect the Farming Log and coconut farms of farm household once a month to ensure the quality and yield of the coconut farm.


Betrimex – The Leading coconut water supplier in Vietnam


Fortunately, Vietnam is one of the countries having the quantity of coconut annually in the high ranking of the world. (the 8 rank with 1,2 billion coconuts/year). However, the exploitation of value products isn’t yet good because of the easy of losing natural coconut water and products from coconut flavor, if not processed by strict technological process. In addition, the production machinery system requires a large amount of capital so it’s rarely invested in Vietnam.


This leads to large amounts of coconuts being wasted annually, while coconut water and products from coconut are the first choice of consumers because of nature and not using preservatives. From the summary previous problems, Betrimex is one of the few companies to dare investment into new technologies and endless improvement of product quality to manufacture completely coconut products as desiccated coconut, natural coconut shell coal, original coconut water, coconut water with tropical juices, coir nets and coconut fiber...


For over 40 years of operation and development its own brand, Betrimex has been affirmed its position in the field of processing and exporting in Vietnam market. Besides, Betrimex’s products are distributed and available in more than 40 countries and territories.


To have the current achievement, Betrimex - The Leading coconut water supplier has been constantly dedicating and trying every day with the right strategies, always updates to understand consumer tastes and pays attention to product quality improvement so Betrimex strives to become the Leading coconut water supplier in Vietnam.

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