For over 40 years of operation and development, Betrimex has rapidly affirmed its own brand and become one of the leading enterprises in processing and export of products made from Vietnamese coconut. Betrimex not only understands market demands and consumer tastes to promptly satisfy, but also pays attention to product quality improvement and strives to become a prestigious exporter with strong brand in domestic and international market.

Daring investment into new technologies and endless improvement of product quality have helped Betrimex’s products to satisfy the most demanding and fastidious markets such as Japan, Europe, Korea, U.S, etc.

Thanks to the right strategies, Betrimex’s growth rate has been continuously stabilized and the employee' living standard has been improved more and more in recent years. The Company fully pays taxes at all times and makes practical contribution to the socio-economic development.

Considering “Business is our mission, not gains”, Betrimex aims to become a company with the strongest internal driving force and standing in Vietnamese coconut industry and bring added value to farmers, partners, customers, employees as well as useful value to the community and society.

On the way to become the largest enterprise in Vietnamese coconut industry, Betrimex always considers trust, share and success of partners, shareholders, customers and farmers as its mission, motivation and award. With forward targets and expectations, dynamism, creativity and the will to “overcome ourselves” of Betrimex’s managers and employees, Betrimex has been strongly moving forward and struggling to make more deserving contributions to the development of Ben Tre province in particular and the country economy in general.


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